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The Patient’s and the Therapist’s Evaluation of Bridges of Different Materials and Age

J. Stipetić
A. Čelebić
V. Jerolimov
I. Vinter
S. Kraljević
Z. Rajić

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The aim of this study was to find out patients' satisfaction with their bridges made of
different materials (metal-ceramics, Au/resin, Ag-Pd/resin). One hundred and sixty
four patients were examined at the Dental School, University of Zagreb, Croatia. They
assessed their bridges – the overall quality, aesthetics, speech, chewing and the health of
the gingiva by the scale from 1–5. The same categories were also assessed by a trained
prosthodontist. The majority of the patients was really satisfied and gave the highest
grades (quality, aesthetics, speech, etc.) and therefore the results were skewed and asymmetrical
towards the biggest scores (biggest grades). The best gingival health was evaluated
by the group of patients with ceramic crowns and bridges (p < 0.05) and the worst
by the patients with Ag-Pd bridges. Speech was scored higher for the lateral than for the
frontal bridges. Patients evaluated the health of the tissue surrounding their bridges,
overall quality of fixed prosthodontic appliance and aesthetics with significantly higher
scores than the prosthodontist (p < 0.01). The results point at a difference between the
patient’s and the therapist's evaluations and to the patient's insufficient care about the
gingiva around the bridge abutments.

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