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The Effect of Tooth Loss on the TM-joint Articular Eminence Inclination

D. Žabarović
V. Jerolimov
V. Carek
D. Vojvodić
K. Žabarović
D. Buković Jr.

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The inclination between the posterior wall of the articular eminence and the referential
plane (Frankfurt line) was measured on 137 dry skull specimens (78 with complete
dental arches and 59 edentulous). Both left and right joints were measured using direct
craniometric method. The results were compared with respect to the loss of teeth, side
and sex. A large range of measured values of the eminence inclination shows great individual
differences, so that the mean values can have only orientational significance. The
mean value of eminence inclination for all measured specimens was 61.9 angular degree.
The difference between the two groups established upon dental status is very small
and without any statistical significance (P > 0.05). The right joint shows a slightly
steeper eminence inclination compared to the left one, but without any statistical significance
(P > 0.05). Asymmetry between the right and left joint appears almost as a rule,
while maximum measured differences reach up to 33°, with mean absolute difference of
6.9°. The group of edentulous specimens shows a greater symmetry and less differences
between the left and right joint, which indicates that different bimechanical conditions
in the joint, due to tooth loss might lead to remodellation of the articular eminence.The
eminence inclination was significantly steeper in male specimens in all subgroups (P <
0.001), which confirms sexual dimorphism.

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