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Relationship between Information Systems Integration, Innovation and Consumer-Based Commitment Practices for Knowledge Sharing in Creating Power Brands

Rajshree Panda ; Amity University
Deepa Kapoor ; Amity University

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Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to focus on establishing a relationship between the level of consumer commitment through knowledge sharing and what sustains innovation in SMEs through the integration of information systems to build power brands.
Design/Methodology/Approach – Several procedures were used to empirically determine the study: a) the Harman one-factor test; b) the common latent factor approach; c) the confirmatory factor-analytic approach to the Harman one-factor test.
Findings and implications – The finding highlights the importance of a differentiated approach to developing and managing customer loyalty by appropriately managing and integrating information technology for knowledge sharing with consumers and employees,
thus managing innovation for the purpose of power brand deployment and earning profits.
Limitations – The review of the related literature is selective rather than comprehensive, and the selection of sample firms is judgmental, making the sample rather skewed demographically. The paper, due to the breadth and complexity of the subject, serves to highlight key issues and bring together ideas. Some topics deserve further explanation. However, this was beyond the scope of this paper.
Originality – The main contribution of this paper is that it uniquely identifies an approach to understanding how consumer commitment is sustained through innovation and information system integration. Understanding this approach should lead to effective customer loyalty management and greater awareness of the managing of power brands and the manner in which to foster user loyalty using social media.

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Web-based technology, knowledge sharing, innovation, consumer-based commitment practices

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