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Strategic Geography. The Relationship between Geographical Space and National Power

Marinko Lozančić ; Hrvatsko vojno učilište "Dr. Franjo Tuđman", Zagreb
Borna Fuerst-Bjeliš ; Prirodoslovno-matematički fakultet, Zagreb

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The purpose of this paper is to determine the subject of study of
strategic geography as a geographic subdiscipline and to define
its theoretical concept within the context of the interdisciplinary
field of geography. The emphasis is placed on defining the
significance of geographical space in the function of the synergy
of national power as well as on formulating national interests
and their strategic operationalization in the process of achieving
national goals in an international environment. The paper
presents a theoretical and methodological concept of studying
geographical space which implies an interdisciplinary approach
and comprehensiveness of the study of an interactively and
functionally interconnected living environment. The aim of the
study of strategic geography is scientific knowledge and an
evaluation of the role of geographic factors in the modification
of spatial and functional dynamics. Its singling out as a separate
scientific subdiscipline is the result of an internal subject of study
based on the analysis and singling out of dominant geographic
characteristics relevant from the point of view of the analysis and
synthetic judgement of the geographical sources of potential
national power. Geographical space, i.e. geographic factors,
processes, connections and relations as potential sources of
comparative advantages in the process of defining national
interests, and in the formulation and implementation of national
strategies, represent strategic geography's subject of study. The
most important study procedure of strategic geography is
directed at geographic and resource advantages of national
space and human potential in the international context.

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strategic geography, geographical space, geostrategy, national power

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