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Occurrence of the Istrian Coastal Countercurrent in 2000, a year with a mucilage event

Nastjenjka Supić
Mirko Orlić
Danilo Degobbis
Tamara Đakovac
Valter Krajcar
Robert Precali

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The Istrian Coastal Countercurrent (ICCC) appeared in March (7 cm/s), August and September (4 cm/s) 2000, and a mucilage event occurred during late June-early July. Remarkably, previous investigations indicated that recurrent occurrences of intense ICCC coincided with mucilage and/or anoxia events in the region. In fact, already during late winter, when a sea heat gain was relatively intense, a significant transversal transport of freshened waters of Po origin occurred. Lower salinity and warmer water pool, which might be the core of an anticyclonic gyre in the northeastern Adriatic, was present also during spring and summer. This indicates the establishment of a pronounced closed circulation system in the area.

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northern Adriatic Sea, heat and water surface fluxes, Po river runoff, geostrophic currents, mucilaginous aggregates

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