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Ivo Donelli ; Umjetnička akademija Sveučilišta u Splitu, Split, Hrvatska

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In the paper, the author is presenting processes of conservation and restoration of the Roman marble head found while digging the gas pipe line trench in the Stjepana Radića street in Solin. Besides the soluble salts analysis, performed were 3D and CT imagings. The CT imaging revealed that the marble head was compact and free of any deep cracks and veins. Obtained were also thicknesses of the calcite crusts collected with the time on the marble surface, that are to be removed. The author is describing the wore on harmonisation the CT with the laser of the latest Michelangelo Quanta System type that was used in cleaning the marble surface. Microscopic analysis and comparison with referral samples revealed the head to have been made from Proconnesian marble, uniformly white coloured, but with tendency to an azure bluish hue, and consisting of medium large crystals. The paper presents the process of impregnation of particular parts of the head, and recommendations for its storing and placing on a pedestal.

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conservation; Roman marble head; CT imaging; laser; calcite crusts

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