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The Springs, Cisterns and Fountains of Vranjic

Marinko Mikelić
Nino Švonja

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The authors in this paper deal with the springs, cisterns and fountains of Vranjic. Vranjic is a small settlement at the eastern end of the Kaštela Bay. In the past it was an islet, in the meantime turned peninsula. Because of its location, but also abundance of drinking water,
it has been inhabited since the Bronze Age or the early Iron Age. This is supported by archaeological finds. However, due to the lack of archaeological researches it is not clear what this area looked like in the Classical period. It may be assumed that on the present day peninsula was a brazier or like, because Vranjic, by its position, made the southern end of the port of Salona. Therefore, most likely there was a structure that directed the ships to Salona. It is also possible that on the present day peninsula was a settlement, and on the mainland (at the locations from Trcela to Meterize) were villae rusticae. There are no medieval archaeological finds, but Vranjic was mentioned in several documents. Later on it became a possession of the archbishops of Split, and on it was a fortified manor. At the time of the Ottoman Turks conquests Vranjic was depopulated, burnt down and looted several times. The last large settling took place in 1650, when the ancestors of the present day inhabitants of Vranjic moved in from Petrovo Polje. It is interesting that at the time of the plague epidemic in Split in 1784, Vranjic made refuge to the inhabitants of Split until the epidemics was over. When the water supply system was built on 25 December 1908, the springs and cisterns lost their purpose and were gradually neglected and filled up. In Vranjic were built seven fountains, of which only one still exists, the one by which the water supply system was ceremonially opened. It is evident from the above information that Vranjic abounded in drinking water springs that exist no more. Hence it always made a fine place for settling.

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Vranjic; water; springs; cisterns; fountains

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