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Impact resistance of gypsum board subjected to low velocity impact

Memduh Kara ; Mersin University, Engineering Faculty, Dept. of Mechanical Eng., Çiftlikköy Campus, 33343 Yenisehir/Mersin, Turkey
Müfit Metinöz ; Selçuk University, Graduate School of Natural and Applied Science at the University of Selcuk, 42075 Konya, Turkey
Mesut Uyaner orcid id ; Selçuk University, Engineering Faculty, Dept. of Metall. and Material Eng., 42130 Konya, Turkey

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The aim of this study was to investigate the impact resistance and damage behaviour of gypsum and composite gypsum boards subjected to low velocity impact. Low velocity impact tests were performed on four different board materials which can be listed as gypsum boards, gypsum+75 gr/m² mesh boards, gypsum+wallpaper boards and gypsum+75 gr/m² mesh+wallpaper boards. Indenter used in the impact tests was 24 mm in diameter and has semi spherical tip geometry. Gypsum and composite gypsum boards were bonded in 500×400 mm sizes and simply supported at four sides. Various energy levels, i.e. 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 J were applied to the centre of each board. As a result of low speed impact tests, impact force-time and force-displacement variations were obtained and the damaged regions of the samples were examined. Penetration thresholds and perforation thresholds of gypsum and composite gypsum board samples were determined by using Energy Profile Method (EPM). The effect of adding mesh and wallpaper into the gypsum board on stab and puncture limits was evaluated. Around 62.40 % increase occurred on gypsum+mesh+wallpaper board comparing to gypsum board in perforation thresholds.

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EPM method, impact resistance, gypsum board, low velocity impact

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