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Two Concertini by Johann Padowetz (Ivan Padovec) for Guitar and Strings. On the Rediscovery of the Lost Compositions

Stefan Hackl

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str. 103-112

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The Croatian composer Ivan Padovec (1800-1873) was one of the most important composers of guitar music at the mid-19th century and one of the few who wrote works for guitar and orchestra. Unfortunately, none of them seemed to have survived completely. The author of this paper recently rediscovered two concertini (in C-Major and F-Major) for guitar and strings by Padovec in the collection of the late Viennese guitar player Karl Scheit. The manuscripts - probably then-contemporary copies - are complete and in good shape.
The guitar part - written for «Terzgitarre» - is virtuosic, while the strings mostly play accompaniment. The guitar technique and music are strongly influenced by similar works by Mauro Giuliani. The concertini belong among the most important works by Ivan Padovec and are a substantial contribution to the guitar repertoire of the 19th century.

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