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Effect of cobalt on resistance to hypoxia in rats

Ines Wesley ; Institut za medicinska istraživanja Jugoslauenske ahodemijc znanosti i umjetnosti, Zagreb

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Cobalt is known to produce true polycythemia in all species of animals thus far tested. It seemed therefore of interest to study the effect of cobalt on the resistence of animals exposed to low oxygen tension. In order to avoid the influence of the increased number of erythrocytes on the hypoxia resistence, single doses of cobalt were given to intact rats. Cobalt was administered intraperitoneally 3 min. before exposure to decompression which was performed at a rate of 100 mm Hg in 1 min. The ambient temperature was 19°C to 21°C. The dose consisted of 0.5 mg of cobalt per 100 g of body weight, given in the form of a solution containing 2 mg of CoCl2 6H20 in 1 ml. The ceiling altitude as well as the survival at a simulated altitude of 10.400 m were measured for animals treated with cobalt and for control animals. It has been demonstrated that cobalt increases significantly the resistance to hypoxia in both ways. The possible mechanism of this effect is briefly discussed.

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