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Occupational abrasion and attrition of teeth

Z. Njemirovskij ; Zavod za odontologiju Medicinskog fakulteta u Zagrebu

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str. 311-314

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When examining 77 glassblowers the author failed to find marked abrasive changes on the upper front teeth as described in the literature (1, 2). The author thinks that with a correct technique of work such changes could not happen. The stem of the glassblower's pipe should be held between the lips, and not with the teeth. 52 workers in a boiler repairing shop have been examined; on 126 teeth attritional changes on the surface have been noticed. As the workers work with pneumatic hammers, the author attributes the changes on the teeth to the necessity of steadying their body and their lower jaw against the trembling caused by the vibration of the pneumatic hammer. The attritional changes develop very slowly and they do not cause any discomfort. The production of secondary dentin protects the dental pulp. Prevention of abrasion in glassblowers is simple and consists in correct working technique. In excessive attritional changes a rubber plate for the sensitive teeth can be constructed.

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