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Diagnostic significance of the “lead line”

Zdenko Njemirovskij ; Zavod za odontologiju Medicinski fakultet Zagreb

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str. 500-510

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Introducing his paper the author reviews various opinions regarding the diagnostic significance of the »lead line«. In order to clear some controversial points with regard to the formation and diagnostic value of the »lead line«, the author has examined 50 workers of a storage battery plant, and 50 workers in a lead mine and smelting plant. The control group consisted of 50 metal workers which have not been exposed to lead.
His results may be summarized as follows:
(I) the »lead line« is not an essential symptom of lead poisoning;
(2) there are other factors besides lead and hydrogen sulphyde which contribute to the formation of the »lead line«, they are probably related to the physiological state of the epithelial tissue of the gingiva;
(3) the oral hygiene plays a secondary role in the formation of the »Iead line«.

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