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On blood lead content and urinary coproporphyrin relationship

Otto A. Weber ; Institute of Industrial Hygiene Zagreb

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In order to investigate the correlation between the urinary coproporphyrin concentrations of lead in blood (17) and coproporphyrin in urine (11i) of 154 subjects have been determined. The regression of the logarithms of the urinary coproporphyrin concentrations upon the logarithms of the concentrations of lead in blood and vice versa were found to be linear in the concentration range above the normal values. The regression equation was computed and the 95% confidence limits for the predicted values of the concentration of coproporphyrin in mine from the measured concentration of lead in blood and vice versa arc given. On the basis of these results the following conclusions may be drawn:
1. The lead content up to 60 μg per 100 ml blood, which is the upper limit for normal values (18), does not produce coproporphyrinuriu.
2. The increased amount of lead in blood will not increase the excretion of coproporphyrin in urine if the exposure to lead is not long enough.
3. The 95610 confidence limits for the prediction of the lead concentration from the concentration of the coproporphyrin in urine and vice versa arc too vide to enable even approximately good estimation.
In the diagnosis of lead poisoning it is therefore necessary 10 perform both analyses, each of them has its own meaning.

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