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Observations on the character of an epidemic of influenza and on the effects of vaccination

Erkki Haapanen ; Institute of Occupational Health Helsinki
Leo Noro ; Institute of Occupational Health Helsinki

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The authors made a study of the character of an epidemic of influenza observed in Finland in the spring 1953 and of the effects or vaccination in 7 commercial or industrial concerns, in which SS workers were vaccinated, while 751 served as a control group. The vaccination was performed at the beginning of the epidemic, which was actually loo late and therefore even theoretically immunity had no possibility to develop in all cases. In the material as a whole. There was no marked difference between the groups of those who were vaccinated and the controls (7.8 versus 9.7 per cent). Influenza contracted two years earlier had no clear immunizing effect. The epidemic of 1953 must be considered mild. As regards complications. pneumonia occurred in only 2.5 per cent, sinusitis in 2.7 per cent, and otitis media developed in 2 cases. Antibiotics were used in only 10 per cent of the cases, which must be regarded as a satisfactorily small proportion, considering the occurrence of complications in almost 6 per cent of the patients. On the basis of the present study vaccination against influenza by using the commercial vaccine has not as yet given such results in our condition as has been hoped for.

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