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Of the acustic and vestibular apparatus workers suffering from mercury poisoning

Zvonimir Krajina ; Otorinolaringološka klinika Medicinskog fakulteta Zagreb

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str. 529-536

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The action of mercury on the statoacustic apparatus of 83 miners and foundry workers from the mercury mines at Idrija has been examined. The findings on the auditory nerve were within the limits of normal in healthy workers (10) and those suffering from a subacute mercury poisoning (31). However, among workers suffering from a chronic poisoning (42) lesions of the statoacustic apparatus were found in 50-70% of cases. according lo the age of the patients - higher percentage occuring as a rule among elderly patients. The examination or the hearing was carried out audiometrically. Those lesions connected with chronic poisoning arc not very severe and the loss is greater in higher frequencies.

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