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Orthodontic treatment-related risks and complications: part I dental complications

A. Tiro

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Introduction: Orthodontic treatment is a complex medical intervention carried out over an extended period. During this time, risks may turn into complications. It is necessary to identify the risks that are associated with the orthodontic intervention to be applied, as there are numerous complications possibly linked to that treatment. The occurrence of these complications depends on the orthodontic technique, medical knowledge in this field, patient’s general and oral health, and oral hygiene habits. These must be considered even from the start because it might influence the treatment objectives, phases, and goals.

Aim: of this study is to present a contemporary attitude of the main risks and complications linked to orthodontic interventions in clinical practice.

Materials and methods: Classification presented by Graber et al. in publication, “Risk management in orthodontics: expert’s guide to malpractice,” is used as a starting point for the development of this review. A complex search was performed (Pubmed, Google scholar, etc.), with the restriction upon of publication date (beginning with 2004) to find relevant current studies. Search keywords were combinations of words: complication, orthodontic treatment, risks, side effects.

Concluding remarks: According to contemporary literature, there are a lot of conditions to which orthodontic treatment can be linked. There is a medico-legal obligation to inform our patients about side effects of any medical intervention what will be undertaken.

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