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Achievements of Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS) 1952 – 2017 Y

Ilija Mamuzić orcid id ; Hrvatsko metalurško društvo, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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The goal of this the Article is to give an overview of the foundation, development and achievements of Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS) from Society of Engineers and Technicians of Steelwork Sisak (SETSS) 1952 – 2017 (65 years) With monitoring of goals and tasks of CMS, the main activities of the Society are also set out: First, history of the metallurgy on the teritory of today Croatia in the therm 6.000 y till today,with many Articles,Studies etc. In this way, Croatia was ranged between Countries where metallurgy as important technical bransh, has a written document on this history. Second, publishing of the Metalurgija Journal,International Symposiums „Materials and Metallurgy“ (was 12 with 5.013 Lectures),and productive cooperation with an array Institutions in Croatia and abroad (over 70).

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society, activities, journal, symposiums, history of metallurgy

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