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Archaeological excavation on the Novo Selo Bunje site on the island of Brač, 2016

Kristina Jelinčić Vučković ; Institut za arheologiju, Zagreb, Hrvatska
Emmanuel Botte ; French National CeFrench National Centre for Scientific Research, Centre Camille Jullian, Aix-en-Provence, Francuska
Audrey Bertrand ; Marne-la-Vallée, France

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Institute of archaeology (Zagreb), CNRS Centre Camille Jullian (Aix–en–Provence), Universite Paris-Est (Marne-la Vallee) and Community of Selca continued with excavation of Novo Selo Bunje site (October 17th–28th 2016). It presents the first phase of a 5 year project named Recherches sur l’exploitation economique de la Dalmatie a l’ epoque romaine (IIe s. av. J.-C. – IIe s. ap. J.-C.) In sector 5 we found small thermae with two construction phases. The excavated part belonged to the caldarium as we found a small basin and hypocaust. The find of multiple tubuli fragments in this room confirms the purpose of this room as caldarium. Slabs of marble and green porphyry (Carrara marble and Spartan basalt or Lapis Lacedaemonius) were found here too, testifying of luxury of the decoration in this villa. One of the rooms next to the caldarium could have served as latrinae during the first phase. Sector 5 belonged to the pars urbana of this villa. The sector 6 as presumed last year belonged to the pars rustica with trapetum. Excavation brought to light position of the trapetum in a space opened on the western side to the court. In the room next to it there was a basin for oil decanting covered with white mosaic and with central stone vessel on the bottom. Both parts of the villa were connected with one, southern wall, telling us that the building was planned and well organized.

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villa rustica; pars urbana; thermae; pars rustica; trapetum; amphorae; island of Brač; Novo Selo Bunje

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