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Acquiring Literacy and the Emergence of Local Intelligentsia in Kara{evo Croats in the 18th Century


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It seems that Kara{evo, the biggest and historically most
important locality of the Kara{evo Croats in today's
Romanian part of Banat, was preserved already in the 18th
century as a relatively important settlement in that region,
not only demographically speaking, but also in the
administrative, economic and religious sense. However, very
little is known about the historiography dealing with the
history of education in Kara{evo at that time as well as in
other settlements in Kara{evo, Nermet, Jabal~a, Klokoti},
Lupak, Ravnik and Vodnik. Thus the aim of the paper is to
reconstruct this history by analysing available sources and
literature, from the earliest mention of school and teachers in
Kara{evo in 1726/30 to the establishment of schools in other
Kara{evo settlements by the end of the 18th century. In
addition to a succession of Kara{evo teachers, their material
and social status, the construction of school buildings, data
on students, school subjects, textbooks etc. have been
researched, with more information being available after the
beginning of school reforms in the whole monarchy in 1774.
It can be concluded that in the last quarter of the 18th
century, after the phase of acquiring literacy, there emerged
the first level of Kara{evo intelligentsia, i.e. a stratum of
professional teachers, especially in Kara{evo. While this
process took place in the Kara{evo region the local
intellectual elite was establishing itself in the whole Banat
area, as a result of transformations of primary schooling in
the Habsburg Monarchy brought about by enlightened

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