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Divisions within the Croatian Society: Possible Causes and Consequences in the Perspective of Ivan Rogić and Željko Mardešić

Željko Tanjić orcid id ; Hrvatsko katoličko sveučilište, Zagreb, Hrvatska

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In the atmosphere of constantly repeated phrase of »deep dividedness« of the Croatian society, the article tries to sketch possible causes and consequences of this state of affairs, starting from a reflection on whether the dividedness is real or just a language construct that actually prevents the discernment of the true state of the Croatian society and consciously directs it towards dividedness, instead of aiming at reconciliation. Bearing in mind the main theses of Ivan Rogić on three Croatian modernisations (1868–1945; 1946–1990; 1990‑until today) and insights of Željko Mardešić on three circles of ideas (Catholic, liberal, Communist), it is possible to search for causes of dividedness in the Croatian society precisely in relation to the understanding of modernity that was formulated in these periods and in these circles of ideas. The answer to the question on consequences also lies in different understandings of the completion or maturing of (post)modernity in the Croatian society. The author concludes that the development of modern Croatian society is possible, if the society manages to move away from ideologies. Christians might have the key role in this process if they identify their own task with the task of forming the modern Croatian society.

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Ivan Rogić; Željko Mardešić; dividedness; Croatian society; modernity

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