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International Aid Community, its Presence in the Post-conflict Reconstruction and Impact on Urban Legacy – Case Study of Prishtina

Arta Basha-Jakupi orcid id ; Sveučilište u Prištini, Građevinski i arhitektonski fakultet, Kosovo
Violeta Nushi ; Sveučilište u Prištini, Građevinski i arhitektonski fakultet, Kosovo

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A multifaceted process of reconstruction during the post-conflict time has an
impact on all vital segments of life in the conflict-affected countries. For that reason,
different approaches, efficient coordination and clearly defined and shared common
goals are required. Aid programs are not the same everywhere and they greatly differ
in priority levels, state of emergency and importance. Thus there are programs whose
success is, unfortunately, closely related to the violation or neglect of existing standards
which seem to become less important. The international aid intervention, be it in
Kosovo or any other post-conflict country, is carried out according to the post-conflict
reconstruction framework, with differences regarding the nature of conflict and the
local context. In the case of Prishtina, as this study reveals, the issues involving the international
community stay and accommodation in the city have not been adequately
addressed. The community, which consists of both human and physical component,
large in number and size, inevitably has a noticeable impact on the urban layout. The
study uses grounded theory in the mixed methods inquiry and places the effects of
the international community presence into a wider reconstruction process framework.
It examines the initial claim that the post-conflict urban development is affected by
the international community presence and that a proactive and multi-disciplinary approach
to the reconstruction process should be adopted in order to rebuild complex
socioeconomic and spatial systems in a more holistic and systemic way.

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urban planning; architecture; international community; offices; accommodation; post-conflict reconstruction; Prishtina

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