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»Young protectors of nature in Međimurje« – positive example of ecology education of students

Monika Cindrić ; Srednja škola Čakovec
Mihaela Mesarić ; Javna ustanova Međimurska priroda, Mursko Središče
Dražen Črnec ; Osnovna škola Sveti Martin na Muri

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The objective of ecological education is to transfer the message about the importance and necessity of preserving natural and cultural values. The interpretation is considered as the most powerful tool for ecological education. The founding father of interpretation, Freeman Tilden said: Through interpretation, understanding; through understanding, appreciation; through appreciation, protection. Employees of Međimurska priroda public institution associated by two teachers performed an educational program named Junior Rangers of Međimurje in the year 2009, using both direct and indirect forms of interpretation. Forty pupils from the sixth and seventh grade of primary schools of the Međimurje County attended this educational program. The program was performed as series of lectures, workshops and field work. The process took place during the spring of 2009 with goals of ecological education and to increase the interest for natural sciences among primary school pupils. In this paper, authors present the influence of the Junior Rangers of Međimurje program on the interest for nature and protected natural values in the Međimurje County as well as extension of the pupil›s interest for natural sciences and nature in general. The method of online survey was used to determine the results. Two groups were included in survey: participants of the Junior Rangers of Međimurje 2009 program and non-participants as the control group. Including pupil›s standpoints, the survey tested interests for natural and geosciences with special emphasis on protected natural values. The analysis confirmed the hypothesis that there is a significant difference between standpoints of the experimental and the control group. Participants of the program express greater knowledge about natural values of Međimurje County.

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nature, protected natural values, junior rangers, attitudes towards nature

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