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Tihomir Luković

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As a branch of tourism, nautical tourism is a compound touristic and maritime activity whose definition is complex because of its intensive connections with maritime and navigational activities. Anyhow, its nautical component doesn’t define it completely, although it might seem so if analyzed superficially. Only taking into account all the
elements that determine it, makes the complete definition of nautical tourism possible.
Nautical tourism is classified as follows:
1. Harbors of nautical tourism
2. Charter
3. Cruising.
Such classifi cation is usual in the developed european countries, and is conditioned with the basic macro-strategic development model and the natural factors of development as well. Researching the developed emiting markets of european nautical tourism verified
that our classification corresponds to the european classification.
Why is such a definition practical and logical? What is the point of support for the scientific definition of nautical tourism from the practical point of view? Does the practical and scientific approach deny the existing definition of the Humanistic school? Those are
the questions answered in this paper.

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the aim of classification; methodology of defining; sources of classification; Humanistic school of nautical tourism; classification of nautical tourism; harbors of nautical tourism; charter; cruising

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