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Andrija Jamometić (1420/25–1484) diplomat and advocate of the restoration of church structures

Mato Mikičić ; Krepšić, Bosna i Hercegovina

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The paper presents the personality of Croatian Dominican friar Andrija Jamometić (1420/25–1484), who made his way into European historiography as an excellent diplomat of Emperor Friedrich III (1440–1493). He led, on a number of occasions, successful diplomatic missions to Rome – to Pope Sixtus IV (1471–1484). In his vision of Christian Europe, he endeavoured to win Roman circles over for the restoration of church discipline and for as successful as possible fight against Ottoman invasions across Europe. The Pope granted him the honour of Archbishop of Krajina (Graneja) (see notes 30/31). When Jamometić saw no positive signs regarding the restoration of the Church and the fight against the Turks, he decided to travel to the royal city of Basel, where he endeavoured to restore the Council of Basel (1431–1449). At first, he had a number of followers. However, under the pressure of the papal diplomacy and due to rejection by Emperor Friedrich III, he was left isolated in Basel, and eventually arrested and imprisoned. He died there under suspicious circumstances. Since he was excommunicated, his remains were thrown into the river Rhine.

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Andrija Jamometić, efforts to restore church institutions, attempt to restore the Council of Basel

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