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Glagolitic Book of Sermons by Šime Radov, curate in Olib (18th century)

Grozdana Franov-Živković orcid id ; Zavod za povijesne znanosti HAZU u Zadru

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The paper presents the life, education and active operation of the Glagolitic priest Šime Radov, curate of the Olib parish, who was born around 1715, and died on 14 December 1778. Statement by his father, dated 29 November 1732, written in italic Glagolitic script, and regarding the property he gave his son as patrimony, has been preserved; it is in the safekeeping of the Archives of the Zadar Archdiocese as part of the holdings entitled Heritage of the Priests (Patrimonio volante). Šime Radov most probably began his education – same as other clerics from the island did – with the parish priest in his place of birth and in some of the Franciscan monasteries, for instance the monastery of St. Paul, Zaglav, or on Školjić (Galevac) with the Franciscan Tertiaries. These were most probably the central schools for clerics there. During his education and career, Radov came across a number of Glagolitic anthologies written in this area; some of them have been preserved to the present date. As a result of the analysis of the handwriting and the comparison with all the Glagolitic documents and codices found, the author of the paper proves that Šime Radov wrote his Book of Sermons from the 18th Century in the period between the year 1736 and 14 December 1778. It may not be determined whether Šime Radov was merely a scribe, a compiler (and if this is the case, which texts he based the sermons on), or whether he composed his sermons himself. Nevertheless, taken the choice of sermons – even if he was merely a scribe – it may be concluded that he was interested in various scientific fields (both social and natural ones). Furthermore, his handwriting was complicated and illegible; he acted under the influence of an older way of thinking, and practiced different types of prayers and amulets. A proof thereof is his text entitled Suproč viščicam i čarovnicam ki umiju čarati i suprotiv vragom (Against Witches and Sorceresses who Practice Magic and Against the Devil).

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Šime Radov, Glagoljski libar propovijedi (Glagolitic Book of Sermons), Molitva protiv vještica (Prayer Against Witches), Glagolitic priests, italic Glagolitic script, 18th ct

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