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Venetian territorial military organisation in Dalmatia between 1684 and 1718

Nikola Markulin orcid id ; Zadar, Hrvatska

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In the paper, based on sources – written documents of Venetian military administration, the author analyses Venetian territorial military organisation in Dalmatia (and Boka) in the period between the beginning of the Morean War and the end of the Second Morean War. The author analyses original material within the context of the results of modern historiography regarding early modern European warfighting. In wars fought against the Ottomans, in addition to professional units, in the organisation of which the state relied on military entrepreneurs, Venetian Republic defended its eastern Adriatic lands by the help of territorial militia units, which are in sources referred to as cernides, borderland units and ordinanzas. Though these were only auxiliary combat units, they facilitated Venetian victories on Dalmatian battlefield to a high extent. Furthermore, Venetian territorial military organisation in Dalmatia and Boka overlapped to the most part with administrative mechanisms through which central authorities endeavoured to integrate into their maritime empire numerous communities, which had in the studied period begun to acknowledge Venetian sovereignty. Several of its structures were thus points where interests of central authorities and local elites evidently came into contact and overlapped.

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Venetian territorial military organisation, cernides and borderland units, Dalmatia, Morean War, Second Morean War

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