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Tendencies of maize production in the world, Croatia and Slovenia

Magdalena Zrakić orcid id ; Sveučilište u Zagrebu Agronomski fakultet
Lari Hadelan ; Sveučilište u Zagrebu Agronomski fakultet
Jernej Prišenk ; Univerza v Mariboru Fakulteta za kmetijstvo in biosistemske vede
Vladimir Levak ; Poljoprivredna zadruga JALŽABET
Ivo Grgić ; Sveučilište u Zagrebu Agronomski fakultet

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Maize is the most important agricultural crop with rice and wheat that secures one third of the energy needs of livestock production worldwide. Except for cattle breeding, it is applied to human nutrition as well as to the production of various industrial products. Over the past decade, significant maize price fluctuations have occurred, not only because of its production but also on its use. The highest prices of maize over the past ten years were achieved in 2012 when its average price was almost $ 300 per ton. In spite of the projected reduction in maize area by 10% in 2020, a 6.7% increase in production is expected as a result of the yield increase with today's average 5.6 t ha-1. In Croatia and Slovenia maize is, according to harvested areas leading crop, with average yields above the world average. In the analyzed ten-year period, the average producer price in Slovenia is USD 11 per tonne higher than the comparative value in Croatia.

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