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Attack by the Republic of Srpska Army on the Orašje region: Operation Flame 95 (Revenge)

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Using analytical and descriptive methodology, and based on various archival sources – mainly from the Assembly Region of Orašje, as well as other literature, this work describes the final battles for Bosanska Posavina and the wider Orašje region. The very carefully planned operation of the Republic of Srpska Army, named Flame 95 – or Revenge, as the Croatian side called it, started on 5 May and lasted until 12 June 1995. The operation aimed at taking over the wider Orašje region. The official reason given for the military action was alleged necessity to eliminate the threat from the Croatian Defence Council forces to cut off the so-called “corridor”, which linked the Republic of Srpska with Serbia. However, the real reason was to capture the remaining free parts of Bosanska Posavina, to the right of river Sava, as well as to lift the sagging morale and loss of confidence after losing Western Slavonia. For this offensive, the Repubic of Srpska Army had at its disposal around eight thousand people and all the available weapons, elite troops and volunteers from Serbia who had joined this theatre of war. During the Flame 95 Operation, the Republic of Srpska Army bombarded the Orašje-Šamac-Domaljevac region, which covered approximately 200 km2, with approximately fifty thousand projectiles of various calibres (250 projectiles per 1 km2). The operation was conducted in three phases: the first one from 5 to 28 May; the second from 29 May to 7 June; and the third phase from 8 to 12 June. All attacks were successfully fended off, and there was no movement of the defence line, except on 14 May, when the Republic of Srpska Army very briefly took over about 700 meters of space at the Vidovice defence line, which led to Orašje. After a few hours of battle, this space was regained. Thanks to their tireless and brave fight, the forces of the 106th Home Guard Regiment, the 4th Motorised Guard Brigade “Sons of Posavina”, the 202nd Home Guard, and the 201st Home Guard Regiment of the Croatian Defence Council managed to halt the Republic Srpska Army, which suffered grave losses in manpower and equipment. The Croatian Defence Council suffered the following losses from the Republic of Srpska Army attacks during the months of May and June 1995: 43 soldiers killed and 281 wounded. Successful defence of the Orašje region maintained a strategic bridge towards Croatia and the wider region of the Posavina County. In conclusion, having defended this region, the Croatian Defence Council forces have ensured the existence of Croats in Bosanska Posavina. Around forty thousand Croats and Bosniaks live in the areas of the Orašje, Domaljevac-Šamac and Odžak Municipalities today.

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Bosanska Posavina, Assembly Region of Orašje, Flame 95 Operation, 106th Home Guard Regiment, May 1995

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