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Factors influencing the formation of calcium oxalate hydrates in vitro

Ljerka Brečević
Damir Kralj

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Precipitation from supersaturated solutions is in general affected by the physical chemical properties ot the solution, by the hydrodynamics of the system, i.e., by the processes of mixing reactants and stirring the system, as well as by soluble impurities present in the system. Therefore, such a knowledge should be considered in a number of areas where precipitation plays an important role. Since calcium oxalates have been found to be a major crystal constituent of urinary stones, their investigations, as well as investigations of physical chemical conditions relevant for their formation are of particular importance for fundamental research in the field of patological mineralization. Calcium oxalate forms three hydrates. These three hydrates are the thermodynamically stable monohydrate (COM) and the metastable modifications, dihydrate (COD) and trihydrate (COT). The results on investigations of the influence of a number of thermodynamic and kinetic factors, as well as the potential inhibitors, on the hydrate formation and transformation under different experimental conditions had been obtained and published by the present authors during 1980th.

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Calcium oxalate monohydrate, Calcium oxalate dihydrate, Calcium oxalate trihydrate, Amino acids, Chemical precipitation, Transformation

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