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Characterization of ceramic pastes – a macroanalysis of Bronze Age pottery

Andrea Kudelić

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The paper presents the methods and procedures
of macroanalysis, the analysis of digital macrophotography
of fresh breakage on pottery samples,
and the principles of characterizing the
ceramic fabric, that is, ceramic pastes. The advantages
and disadvantages of the method were
noted, and guidelines for its practical, as well as
theoretical application are provided below. This
method was applied to Bronze Age pottery samples
from northern Croatia and the results are
supplemented by previously conducted microscopic
analyses. It was established that the raw
materials were probably gathered in the immediate
vicinity of prehistoric sites, and that potters
used various temper materials: mineral inclusions,
lithoclast, grog, clay pelets (argillaceous
rock fragments) and organic material. The analysis
of macrophotographs revealed variability in
the potters recipe that, according to preliminary
research results, can be associated with cultural
and chronological features of ceramic vessels.

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pottery, technology, methodology, digital microscope, ceramic paste, clayey material, temper, Bronze Age

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