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Bronze Age and Iron Age pottery finds recovered during the 2014 excavation in Romuald’s Cave

Filip Franković
Sanjin Mihelić
Ivor Janković

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Within the project “Archaeological Investigations
into the Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene of
the Lim Channel, Istria – ARCHAEOLIM”, financed
by the Croatian Science Foundation (Project no.
7789), archaeological excavations have been
undertaken at several important cave sites, including
Romuald’s Cave. Because of the research
potential of the site, it has been investigated by
scientists since the beginning of the 20th century.
Archaeological layers identified in Romuald’s
Cave contained material dating to the Bronze
and Iron ages. Although some information about
these finds has already been published in several
papers, a more detailed description has been
lacking. This paper provides an overview of the
pottery finds unearthed during the 2014 excavation
in Romuald’s Cave.

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ARCHAEOLIM, Romuald’s Cave, pottery, Early Bronze Age, Middle Bronze Age, Late Bronze Age, Final Bronze Age, incipient Iron Age

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