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On the exact findspot and a more precise mythological attribution of a Roman statuette from the surroundings of Glamoč

Darko Periša

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The paper offers a new analysis of the beautiful
Roman bronze statuette discovered a long time
ago in the vicinity of Glamoč and kept in the Archaeological
Museum in Zagreb. The old notes
concerning the find contained in a Catholic schematism
indicate that the figurine was discovered
in 1865 in the Medvidnjak stream, most likely in
the vicinity of the village of Ćoslija, and that on
that occasion it was intentionally and deliberately
damaged. Due to the lack of any attributes in its
hands, and due to the information that it used to
hold an arrow in its right hand, the question arises
as to whether this statuette represented the god
Dionysius, Bacchus or Liber, as believed to date, or
possibly a young Jupiter. The conclusion reached is
that, with its iconography, the figurine truly represented
either Dionysius or Bacchus, that is Liber
in a Roman context, but that Liber’s assimilation
with Jupiter cannot be ruled out, either.

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statuette, Glamoč, Dionysius, Liber, Bacchus, Jupiter

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