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Simo Blaževac, Mayor of Bjelovar (1888–1913)

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Simo Blaževac held the post of mayor of Bjelovar in the period between 1888 and 1913. Though he originated from a borderland family in the regiment of Nova Gradiška, he spent most of his life in Bjelovar, and hence lived – together with the population of Bjelovar – through its metamorphosis from a military regimental centre to the centre of a larger self-governing county of multinational and multifunctional type. He chose military families loyal to this area as his closest associates and confidants. He was however also open to new inhabitants, who were attracted by economic possibilities of the Bjelovar area, and who brought new ideas and new knowledge from Central Europe. Thanks to Blaževac having been a strict, systematic and honest person, Bjelovar had a good quarter of a century to carry out the necessary changes and become adapted to being subordinate to the Bjelovar-Križevci County after 1895. However, new civil powers aimed at a swifter development, which Blaževac was not able to follow; he hence had to step down and retire in 1913.

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Simo Blaževac; Bjelovar; city administration

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