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From Old Albums of the Bjelovar Photographers – Hinko Anhalzer’s Photographic Career

Petra Kupsjak ; Obrtnička škola Bjelovar, Bjelovar, Hrvatska

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The history of photography in Croatia began concurrently with other parts of European locally. During the first couple of decades after its inception, changes and discoveries in this field contributed to the increase in the interest in photography, as well as to the growing popularity and rapid spreading thereof among citizens. The so-called travelling or itinerant photographers, who never permanently settled locally, but travelled from place to place, staying for a few days or weeks – as necessary, contributed significantly to the popularisation of photography in the very beginning. However, soon the need for permanent photographers was born, and photography thus entered its golden age. Bjelovar was no exception in this regard. So far, data on fifteen photographers – both travelling and permanent – have been recorded. Some of them left a lasting trace and marked a particular period of the city of Bjelovar. One of them was definitely Hinko Anhalzer. During his many years as photographer, Anhalzer actively participated in all major local social and cultural events. Through the analysis of periodicals and available photos, as well as interviews held with Hinko’s daughter Lea and his photographic assistant Jelka, the author of this paper tried to stress the importance of the impact and the opus of one of the longest-active photographers in Bjelovar – for more than four decades.

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Bjelovar photographers; old photography; World War II; cultural and social life of Bjelovar

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