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The Problem of Enantiomers: Support for a New Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

Andre Julg ; Laboratoire de Chimie Theorique, Universite de Provence, Place Victor Hugo, 13331 Marseille Cedex 3, France

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The problem of enantiomers is a typical case of the difficulties
which quantum mechanics encounters concerning the interpretation
of molecular structure. Classically, each enantiomer has to be·
considered as a different molecule. The transforma1ion of one form
to the other is interpreted as resulting from a more or less fast
oscillation between the two forms. Within strict quantum formalism
the two enantiomers are described by the same wave-function,
corresponding to a rotatory power equal to zero. The oscillation
between the two forms is artificially obtained in considering ct
non-stationary state, different from the ground state. The difference
in behavior between amines (non dedoublable) and arsines (dedoublable) is impossible to explain. A solution is proposed within
a new interpretation of quantum mechanics, according to which
quantum formalism would give the average value of various properties
for a sufficiently long time.

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