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Comparison of the Heats of Formation of Hydrocarbons

Arpad Furka ; Department of Organic Chemistry, Eotvos Lorcind University Muzeum krt. 4/B, Budapest, 1088, Hungary

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In order to facilitate the demonstration of the structure dependent
stabilizing or destabilizing energy effects characterizing
the individual hydrocarbons it is suggested to replace graphite.
and hydrogen as reference substances (used in calculating the heats
of formation) by the series of n-alkanes. This can be achieved by
converting the heats of formation into relative enthalpies (HreJ).
The proposed simple equation yields zero for the Hrel of n-alkanes
and thus the extra stabilizing or destabilizing effects caused for
example by branching or unsaturation, respectively, in other types
of compounds are directly expressed by the numerical value of
their Hrel·

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