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Model Studies of the Solubility of Inorganic Mercury in the Polluted Coastal Marine Environment

H. Bilinski ; Department of Physical Chemistry, »Ruder Boskovic" Institute, Zagreb
S. Jusufi ; Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Pristina, Pristina, Yugoslavia

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In order to determine the possible solubility of inorganic
mercury in the polluted coastal marine environment, both experimental
and model studies have been performed. Dissolution of
HgS(s) in bicarbonate solutions of various concentrations and pH
values showed increasing solubility of mercury with the pH and
[C032-] increase. Approximately constant value of 40 μg dm-3 was
obtained when HgS(s) was dissolved in various dilutions of sea
water with NaHC03 of 10-3 mol dm-3• The model calculation shows
that mercury in the presence of oxygen can be released from the
sediments as elemental mercury, Hg0 (aq), wich is in equilibrium
with volatile Hg0 (g). The rate at which oxidation proceeds is still
unknown. Recent studies show that the solubility of inorganic and
organic salts of mercury (II) are much higher than solubility of
elemental mercury.
From the experimental results and from the model calculation,
one can predict continuous leaching of soluble mercury from
polluted sediments long after polluting industries will be closed
all over the world.

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