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Zvonimir Sabati ; Fakultet organizacije i informatike Varaždin, Varaždin, Hrvatska
Andrija Bernik orcid id ; Sveučilište Sjever, Sveučilišni centar Varaždin
Nenad Breslauer ; Međimursko veleučilište u Čakovcu

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Laser engraving inside a crystal (Sub-Surface
Laser Engraving) proves that it is possible to
combine the harmony of art and technology, to
revive the glittering crystal and simultaneously
create a unique gift, as well as capture the
important moment of time inside the crystal
shape. Today, for this purpose, a lasers with
532nm precision are used with the speed of
at least 120.000 dots per minute. Hi quality
preparation of 3D model and its texture, existing
2D image or new scanning is required for creating
and obtaining the very best quality of the final
product. 3D printing and laser engraving process
doesn’t share identical preparation techniques.
The process of engraving inside a crystal is based
on burning dots with a diameter from 0.02 to
0.08 mm at a temperature of about 20.000°C. It
is highly possible to get cracks or even break the
crystal because of overlapping surfaces or lines
in the preparation process. Various algorithms for
both horizontally and vertically engraving were
used because, the engraved point has a different
shape depending on the physical position within
the crystal. Great possibilities are available while
working with the models that carries out a variety
of hidden information, which are obtained by
different spatial position of its own elements
or even with the support of different models.
This paper will show precisely these kinds of
techniques that have emerged as a result of years
of research and provides us with the exact results.

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3D modeling, Laser engraving, Final animation, Hidden information inside a crystal

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