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Tap-changer DGA: Uncovering an enigma

Rainer Frotscher ; Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH

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str. 28-35

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Gas generation in OLTCs is influenced by operational and design parameters. There are multiple gas generating components present depending on the specific OLTC model or class resulting in a superimposed gas pattern thus making its interpretation for the purpose of fault detection more difficult. In many cases, suspicious behaviour can be revealed, and in some. the normal bandwidth of observed gas pattern can fully mask a thermal or electrical fault. The DGA results can be misleading or fail to identify an actual fault, so they should be confirmed by additional testing and never be used as a single criterion for shutdown or repair decisions.

Ključne riječi

on load tap changers (OLTC), dissolved gas analysis (DGA), gas pattern, fault detection

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