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Physico-Chemical Aspects of Adsorption of Surface Active Agents on Minerals

P. Somasundaran ; Henry Krumb School of Mines, Colv/mbia University, New York, New York, 10027, USA

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Basic principles and some special aspects of adsorption on
minerals are discussed. Electrostatic forces, lateral interaction between
surfactants, chemical and other forces are discussed in more
detail as well as the role of the chemical state of surfactants. It is
pointed out the importance of pretreatment of mineral systems
which can affect their electrokinetic behaviour as well as the presence
of other charged particles in solution if electrostatic forces
play a major role. The sharp increase in electrophoretic mobility at
a given adsorbtion density for certain conditions and appearance
of maximum flotation of certain minerals with hydrolyzable sur-
. factants a t the point of zero charge are attributed to micellisation
and covalent bonding respectively with possible polymer formation.
Other factors such as hydrogen bonding, solvation or desolvation
of species and hydrophobic bonding are mentioned. Special
attention is paid to the adsorption in micellar solutions and adsorption

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