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Infrared Spectra of Organophosphorus Compounds. III.

V. Jagodić ; Ruder Boskovic Institute, 41000 Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia

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Infrared spectra of 'a-anilinobenzylphosphonic acid derivatives,
R1C6H4NHCH(C5H4R2)PO(OR3)(0R4), (R1, R2 = Br, OH, COOH, N02,
NH2; Ra, R4 = H, Na, Et, Oct) have been studied. Assignments for
the N-H, P=O, P02-, P-0-H and P-0-R bonds are proposed.
The complexity of the P-0-(C) absorptions in diesters is discussed
in terms of the two nonequivalent ethoxy ester groups. Of the
monoesters studied, only 2-bromobenzyl (11, 12) and 4-carboxyanilino
derivatives (17, 18) show the N-H stretching bands at about
3300 cm-1 and absorption bands in the 1600-2800 cm-1 region, characteristic
of the hydrogen bonded P(O)OH group. Such bands
exhibit neither hydroxy-substituted monoesters (13-16) nor the
free acid (19), because of their zwitterion structure. The bands
found with all these compounds in the 900-1000 cm-1 region are
believed to represent various modes of the P-0 stretching.

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