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On Some Properties of Silver Iodide

R. Despotović ; »Ruder Boskovic« Institute, Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia
Z. Grabarić ; »Ruder Boskovic« Institute, Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia
S. Popović ; »Ruder Boskovic« Institute, Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia

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In order to obtain the relation between several factors affecting
the colloido-chemical properties of silver iodide in the heterogeneous
exchange processes, the following measurements were carried
out: determination of the adsorption capacity of silver iodide (radiometry)
tempered from 20 up to 400 °c, dry aged for 20 days to 5
years, pressed at 500 and 1500 kg cm-2 (on dried isoelectric precipitate);
determination of the relation between particle size (electron
microscopy) and crystallite size (X-ray diffraction analysis), and
of the adsorption capacity of AgI (formed by dilution of KI + AgI
complex solution) in the presence of sodium laurylsulphate (SLS);
determination of the surface area (BET) of the tempered isoelectric
dried silver iodide; determination of particle size and determination
of the volume fraction of cubic and hexagonal modifications
of AgI in the tempered samples. In conclusion, the effect of the inner
surface as a possible relevant factor for the elucidation of the
influence of surface active substances on acceleration of the
exchange rate is pointed out. Interactions with sodium laurylsulphate
are also discussed.

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