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The Electric Double Layer at the Semiconductor/Electrolyte Interface

Yu. V. Pleskov

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str. 179-195

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Studies of the structure of the semiconductor/electrolyte
solution interface are of interest both for the physics of semiconductors
- inasmuch as they throw light on some fundamental
characteristics of solids ..:_ and for electrochemistry - since the
structure of the interface is in many respects the decisive factor
in determining the rate of electrochemical reactions on semiconductor
electrodes. The object of this review is to give a general
idea of recent results obtained in those sections of the electrochemistry
of semiconductors which treat the semiconductor
electrodes in the equilibrium state. The problems considered are:
1. The electric double layer structure at semiconductor electrodes
(potential distribution, charge, relaxation).
2. Methods of investigation. The characteristic features and
limits of applicability of basic methods (»field effect«, differential
capacity, fast and slow charging curves, electrooptical).
3. Review of experimental results on the electric double layer
structure on germanium, silicon and binary compounds.

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