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Nuclear Spin-Lattice Relaxation in Taurine

S. S. Ratković ; nstitute INEP, Beograd-Zemun, Serbia, Yugoslavia

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str. 245-248

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The temperature dependence of the spin-lattice relaxation
time Ti in taurine was studied between - 130° C and + 12° C.
A value of (T1)min = 24 msec was obtained in quite good
agreement witlp. some other results. The difference between this
and the theor~tical value of (T1 )min was explained by the relaxation
of CH2 protons via the NH3 protons. An activation energy
Ea. = 4.6 kcal/rriole has been .calculated. This value was ascribed
to the NH; gr9up motion.

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