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Formation of Cadmium Sulphide - Manganese(2)Sulphide Solid Solutions by Coprecipitation from Aqueous Solutions of Corresponding Sulphate by Ammonium Sulphide

M. Paić ; Institute of Physics of the University, Zagreb, Croatia, Yugoslavia

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When a 0.27 M aqueous solution of (NH4)2S, in a quantity
10 molO/o short of the stoichiometric value, is added to an aqeuous
solution of CdS04 and MnS04 of various compositions, with 8042-
being 0.3 M, a continuous CdS : MnS solid solution is not formed:
saturation is reached for at most about 0.1 molO/o MnS, the corresponding relative concentration of MnS04 being 4 molO/o. With
increasing this concentration to 20 mol O/o, MnS begins to
precipitate in substantial amounts, reaching 19.8 molO/o for MnS04
equal to 50 molO/o. Debye-Scherrer diagrams show that the precipitates are quasi amorphous, composed essentially of cubic CdS
with certain quantities of hexagonal CdS and MnS. This makes
it impossible to distinguish, by these diagrams only, mechanical
mixtures from solid solutions.

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