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Sveto Marušić

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The research of human resource functions has offered an opinion of Croatian and European Union personnel managers on (a) general meaning of particular processes and functions in the firm, divided into seven groups and 73 sub-groups,- (b) actual situation in performing the same 73 sub-functions. As for the evaluating human resource processes, it is possible to say that Croatian managers do not differ much from their European Union colleagues. However, performing the same tasks (sub-functions) in their firms - is another matter! Performing the functions in Croatia is only about a half of what the European firms have. This particularly goes for the groups of Motivation and Creativity (in Croatia just 15 percent of the European average), Management Development (21 percent), and Permanent Education of Employees (36 percent). So this (as well as the other functions' performances) can not be considered as satisfactory. In the paper a new concept of Human Resource Management is suggested, together with actions that should be provided for employees in order for them to be competitive. A tentative plan in two variants is also described, comprising all the development phases, from planning, recruitment, selection and placement, education and advancement - to performance appraisal, rewards and retirement.

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