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Patients’ Adherence to Prescribed Medication

Josip Čulig ; Veleučilište Velika Gorica, Velika Gorica, Hrvatska

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Adherence is the extent to which a patient's behaviour towards medication corresponds with the agreed recommendations from a health care provider. Non-adherence to long-term therapy for chronic diseases in developed countries is on average 50%. Poor adherence is the primary reason for poor outcomes, and is potentially a waste of health care resources. The objective of the Zagreb study was to assess the extent of adherence among the outpatients with long-term medication.

Patients with chronic diseases were interviewed during their visit to a public pharmacy. Their anonymity was guaranteed. The questionnaire was standardized and approved by the Ethical Committee. 635 questionnaires were collected in total (2000 were distributed). The study design was cross-sectional. The evaluation of pharmacist-patient relationships was also included in the study. 84 pharmacists volunteered to participate in the study.

The average adherence to long-term medication was 41.7%. It was even lower in case of hypertensive patients (39%). The most frequent reasons for non-adherence were forgetfulness (60%), being away from home (45.4%), running out of pills (44.4%), inconvenient time schedule (40.9%), polypharmacy (39.5%), lack of the prescribed brand in the pharmacy (35.9%), feeling well (35.9%), and fear of side effects (29.6%).The pharmacist-patient relationships were seen differently on each side (p<0.05 in 5 of 8 questions). Only 14.3% of interviewed pharmacists asked patients to repeat the advice
out loud, i.e. how to take the prescribed medicine.

Patients’ adherence to long-term medication is low in Zagreb. The strategy for interventions to change patients’ behaviour towards prescribed medication should be widely established. The role of pharmacists could be explored more.

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adherence, compliance, persistence, questionnaire, long-term medication, pharmacist-patient relationship, Zagreb

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