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Hypersaturation and Poisoning with Drugs in the Elderly

Zijad Duraković

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This paper deals with pharmacokinetics,
i.e. absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination of
drugs, as well as with pharmacodynamics in the elderly. A
special emphasis is placed on adverse reactions, which are
seven times more frequent than in other age groups. Problems
and reasons for hypersaturation and poisoning with drugs
are discussed, including diagnostic procedures and modern
therapeutic methods, from gastric lavage to highly sophisticated
methods such as extracorporeal haemodialysis, hemoperfusion
(charcoal or resin), plasma separation and use of antidotes.
All therapeutic methods otherwise used for the treatment of
intoxication in young and middle-aged patients have to be used
in the treatment of the elderly, taking into account indications,
possible complications and contraindications and applying an
individual approach

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drugs, hypersaturation, poisoning, elderly patients, diagnostics, therapy

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