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Gerontechnology in Europe and Croatia

Ljiljana Kaliterna-Lipovčan
Spomenka Tomek-Roksandić
Goran Perko
Diana Mihok
Hrvoje Radašević
Ana Puljak
Stjepan Turek

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Due to the improved standard of living and
health care and reduced natality (especially in developed
countries), the share of senior citizens has been continuously
and rapidly growing. To improve health and reduce functional
disability of the elderly, new technological solutions based
on gerontological knowledge of the aging process have been
developed. The knowledge accumulated through gerontological
studies provides the basis for the adjustment of existing
and development of new gerontechnological solutions, such
as walking frames, medical accessories for household use,
incontinence pads, shoe pads, etc., the purpose of which
is to meet the requirements of the elderly and improve the
quality of their life. As far as gerontechnology employed to
improve the living conditions of the elderly is concerned, best
results can be expected in the area of personal computers
and communication databases. Medical sciences, along with
technology, contributed most to extended life expectancy
and increased importance of the elderly in the society. This
particularly refers to gerontechnological innovations in primary,
secondary and tertiary prevention and early detection and
treatment of cardiovascular and neurological diseases in
the elderly. The use of gerontechnological solutions within
the systematic implementation of the Basic Geroprophylaxis
Programme will ensure a better and more independent life up to
old age along with the rational use of health resources.

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aging, gerontechnology, medical sciences, gerontology, functional disability, productivity, quality of life

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