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Four Public Health Problems in Elderly Health Care in Croatia

Goran Perko
Spomenka Tomek-Roksandić
Diana Mihok
Ana Puljak
Hrvoje Radašević
Branimir Tomić
Josip Čulig

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Croatia is one of the countries that are facing
a considerable increase in the number of elderly people.
Gerontological studies in Croatia show a high prevalence of
four gerontological-public health problems in the elderly, i.e.
immobility manifested as the geriatric immobility syndrome,
instability due to a high rate of injuries and falls, dependence
due to an increasing rate of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
in the oldest age group, and a high rate of urinary incontinence.
Through implementation of an appropriate Programme of
Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Prevention, focused on the
systematic detection and elimination or modifi cation of risk
factors associated with debilitating diseases, the leading
gerontological public-health problems in the elderly can be
prevented to a considerable extent. This is substantiated by
the favourable effects of actions, which have been conducted
in developed countries over the last few decades and which
have addressed the factors of debilitating aging, on health
improvement and preservation of functional ability to the very
old age.

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elderly people, geriatric patient, immobility, instability, independence, incontinence, prevention

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